Rebecca Herrera ~ Speaking of Beauty
Professionally Speaking
Rebecca shares her professional expertise in engagement skills and the art of selling an experience, to enlighten audiences that are seeking to create genuine connections with clients, colleagues, and personal relationships.  The results:  improved sales and service relationships, enhanced employee relationships that elevate the work environment, and a more powerful personal presence with an in-depth understanding of personal communication style.    

Rebecca’s first-hand experience in communication allows her to share defined methods and instant changes that will impact and benefit the lives of the participant, creating more successful long-term relationships professionally and personally.





  1. Discover the factor that will determine your success, identified by Harvard business school as 85% of your personal and professional success, a feeling.
  2. Incorporate the power of a feeling into selling an experience through product sales, business opportunity, and building a team.
  3. Learn how to engage teams, customers, and attract new opportunities through applying a 5 second fix to all of your interactions.

Whether speaking to a room of 20 or 200 Rebecca manages to engage and connect with every person in the room. She is a captivating speaker, and an expert in communication. Rebecca is the gold standard in business motivational speaking and training. I have never experienced one more talented than Rebecca.” A. Forsyth - J&J




  1. Develop a more influential communication style by learning 5 ways to instantly connect, engage, and enhance relationships.
  2. Learn the secret of the most powerful form of communication, and incorporate it instantly.
  3. Learn how to assertively listen, identify unspoken needs, and capitalize on opportunities.

"I was looking for a bilingual speaker that could provide insight and clarity around the art of communication, specifically for a multi-lingual audience. Rebecca Herrera exceeded my, as well as our audience’s expectations. She was able to deliver a message that was empowering, relatable and easily integrated into everyday life; personally and professionally. She has a solid stage presence, is extremely confident and possesses the ability to engage an audience in Spanish or English."  

Linnette Reindel VP Sales Jafra Cosmetics International 





  1. See the possibilities for business success and be the creator of the life of your dreams.
  2. Finding LOVE, the source of motivation, and understanding how to motivate a team.
  3. Become an influential leader and learn how to inspire desire by lighting the fire. 

" Rebecca is a true inspiration of success and motivation for many in our organization. Her ability to connect and relate to others is rare and unique in our field. The fact that Rebecca is able to communicate specifically with our Beauty Advisors in their native language (Spanish) is amazing to all of us who listen to her speak.
Collaborating with Rebecca has been a great experience as she is a true people magnet... her energy and expertise is contagious. She is committed and a strong motivator for all types of crowds. It's been a true pleasure!"

Ideneth Renta Eastern Field Sales Manager - Belcorp USA  


                             Rebecca Herrera

                      Inspirational Speaker/Author






  • Face the Facts: It’s a First Impression – Make it Fabulous

  • Believe the Best:  Expect Greatness in Other’s and Yourself

  • It’s Personal:   Genuine Connection with Ourselves and Our Relationships

  • Make My Day:   Sharing Gratitude and Goodness

  • Energy & Enthusiasm:   Step it Up - You Get What Y