Rebecca Herrera ~ Speaking of Beauty
21 Days to Transform, Transcend, and Treasure Your Life


21 DAYS TO TRANSFORM, TRANSCEND, AND TREASURE YOUR LIFE is a collection of twenty-one life lessons that invite you to look at your life, listen to your heart, learn from your daily experiences, and love the life you have been given. Through daily reflection, you will be encouraged to re-invent your life, your direction, and your destiny by breaking open the hidden treasure that rests within your heart.

Reflect on how to:

· Listen to your heart and know the truth when you hear it.

· Have the courage to listen to and follow your intuition.

· Have confidence in knowing that you have the right to a loving and abundant life.

· View your life in a positive light, and know that the choice of your experience lies in your hands.

· Change your life instantly by changing your point of view.

· Live the life of your dreams, with your vision and design.

· Know your worth and worthiness, and reflect that to the world.

The twenty-one life lessons related in TRANSFORM, TRANSCEND, AND TREASURE YOUR LIFE offer you the gift of a richer, more meaningful life, created by you, one day at a time.


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